General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Papanikolaou” – PHT, Organic Unit Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Republic of Greece (Lead Beneficiary)

The Psychiatric Unit of General Hospital “G. Papanicolaou” in Thessaloniki consists of a Special Hospital Unit with an expanded mental health service as well as a public service network operating in Thessaloniki Prefecture, in addition the unit acts as an educational medical institution. As a result of a decree issued on 01.01.2013. The Thessaloniki Hospital "G. Papanicolaou" and "Thessaloniki Psychiatric Hospital" are united under the name "Thessaloniki General Hospital" G.Papanikolau”. The Psychiatric Department manages three Mental Health Centers, two guest houses, four guesthouses and a child care center. It has five sections for short hospitalization, one of which is university-based. The department also operates in the field of training, addiction treatment and provides employment for patients coming from Cooperative Therapy Units.

Cardiological Society of Northern Greece, Republic of Greece

The Cardiological Society of Northern Greece is a scientific association with over 500 members / cardiologists. The Association seeks to improve the development of cardiology in Northern Greece by actively participating in various initiatives for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, as well as seeking to improve the scientific and professional conditions of its members.

Intermunicipal Agency of Western Countryside in Thessaloniki “Nefeli”, Republic of Greece

Center for Vocational Training “NEFELI” is a certified Vocational Training Center, which was established in 1995 with the aim of involving local authorities in educational issues and promoting the labor market. It is one of the first centers for vocational training in Greece since it was first certified in 1995 and since then has been operating with great success, expanding its operations and cooperation.

Regional Health Insurance Fund – Smolyan, Republic of Bulgaria

The Regional Health Insurance Fund – Smolyan as a territorial structure of the National Health Insurance Fund of Bulgaria as a secondary authorizing office administers the compulsory health insurance activities and related public relations in the territory of the Smolyan region in Bulgaria. The specific activities and processes it performs are:
Conclusion of contracts / additional agreements with healthcare institutions for outpatient care and medical and dental care and pharmacies. Establishment and maintenance of information modules and registers in accordance with the requirements of the single integrated information system in the NHIF system.
Planning, negotiating and purchasing medical assistance for dental care within the volumes agreed in the Natioanal Frame Contract and in accordance with the parameters of the NHIF budget expenditures set out in the NHIF Budget Act.

Multispeciality Hospital for Active Treatment Devin JSC, Republic of Bulgaria

Devin EAD Multispeciality Hospital for Active Treatment performs a wide range of medical activities, including internal medicine, surgery, neurological diseases, pediatrics, imaging diagnostics and also has a clinical laboratory. The hospital is specialized and divided into two medical diagnostic structures "Clinical Laboratory" and "Imaging". Multispeciality Hospital for Active Treatment Devin is also engaged with research activities: Screening for latent diabetes in the working age population of 45 to 65 years with obesity and consultations on recreational and reproductive health.

Diagnosticand Consulting Center "Alexandrovska" Ltd., Republic of Bulgaria

The Alexandrovska Diagnostic and Consulting Center was established to provide extended access to patients to the specialists of Alexandrovska University Hospital, many of whom are staff of the hospital with two or more clinical specialties (primary and specialized). The majority of the offices are located in the center building, others, due to the specificity of the diseases, are revealed to some of the profiled clinics – Allergology, Pediatric Diseases, Psychiatry, Surgery, Urology, etc. The center has highly specialized diagnostic refinement equipment (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Echocardiograph, Osteometer, Doppler Sonography, Mammogram, Dermatoscope, Computer Refractometer, Eyelaser, Urodynamic Examination and Diagnostics, Halter Monitorss  (electrocardiogram and bloodpressure) and is authorized to provide highly specialized diagnostic and consultative pre-hospital care.