The general objective of the Project is to reduce health inequalities in CB area and to contribute to divert a significant volume of health care services from hospitals to primary care facilities and indirectly manage to provide better health coverage to remote and/or socially excluded communities by:

  • Protecting (medical exams) citizens (especially social vulnerable gropus) from socially sensitive diseases;
  • Promoting health prevention and “health literacy” on deprived communities for better understanding and benefiting from primary health care services;
  • Foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles;
  • Bring innovations to the care systems – through policy recommendations and actions plan;
  • Capacity building of medical personnel through research, training, transferring know-how on dealing with specific diseases as well as with patients from various vulnerable groups (acceptable patterns of behavior related on their culture and customs).

The above main project objective is in line with and contributes to the Programme’s Specific objective: To improve access to primary and emergency health care (at isolated and deprived communities) in the CB area.